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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Diwali ~ The Festival Of Lights

The Festival of Lights is one of the biggest celebrations in the Vedic calendar. It celebrates the victory of light over darkness.

About this Event

In the Yogic traditions, Diwali is celebrated in remembrance of Lord Rama’s triumphal return to his Kingdom of Ayodhya, after a gruelling fourteen years in exile. Diwali is such a special time of the year, where people all over the world are coming together to light their lamps in remembrance of Lord Rama’s unshakable courage and selflessness as He left his family and His home to honour His duty or dharma. When we light our lamps, we celebrate the victory of light over darkness, of good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

As we come together to light our lamps this year to celebrate Diwali, let us pray that the light of love in each of our hearts will burn brightly and that we share that light and love with everyone.

Evening includes:

~ Kirtan

~ Vedic story on meaning of Diwali & story of Lord Ramacandra

~ Arotik & Candle lighting Ceremony

~ Delicious Vegetarian Meal

Sunday 8th November | 5.00pm to 7.30pm

Lyons Community Centre

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